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I'm a seasoned entrepreneur and award-winning CEO with more than 25 years of experience starting, leading, and successfully exiting multiple companies. My entrepreneurial journey began while I was a student at Ohio Sate and it's been far more than just a series of opportunities and roles within my businesses; it's been a living sandbox for my leadership training and innovation.

My approach is shaped by the leaders who built me. I don't just teach leadership; I've lived it, integrating my distinct style into everything and everyone I pour myself into. The result is a magnum opus that provides others with a new expression and immersive leadership experience you won't find with other coaches or programs

Joining my community gives you the power of two. First, it's about you and me working together. Second, you get the best of both worlds: the wisdom of Built to Lead's founder, Chet Scott, along side my own real-life experience as his client for over a decade with 500+ individual practices and more than 350 team faciliated practices together. This gives you what you deserve, from both a builder's and client's perspective.

Our real-world exerience and insights are sparked by a Magnum Opus that's reached thousands. Your Builder's Journey is all about this 'power of 2' – you and me, AND, two builders who've put our hearts and souls into our own build'ers journey just so we can give the same gift to you. This gift is what we call your "Labor of Love".


Your Team is Watching,

Wondering How You Will Respond.

Your Builder's Journey

Starts Here

Every Leader Gets the Team They Deserve.

I started my first business out of my apartment while going to Ohio State and on my 25th anniversary I sold my business to pursue my Magnum Opus. I've been on my builders journey with Built to Lead for over a decade, coached by the founder, and together we led my team through almost 400 team practices. Now, I'm pouring myself into other leaders who are building leaders and only working with people who are becoming Built to Lead.

Chad has an infectious smile that comes from a genuine, giving heart. He is a believer in the deepest sense of the word. He will out hustle everyone around him and come up with more ideas than can possibly be implemented. Chad is a man of his word. If you engage with him, you had better lace your sneakers uptight, and get ready to get after it. You and he will never be the same. 

Chet Scott, Founder of Built to Lead

Chad is a powerhouse. He has boundless energy, extraordinary drive and tremendous vision...but to top it off, he’s legitimately one of the most caring entrepreneurs I know. He is what innovation and vision look like when they are in the hands of a real connector. Working with Chad to build training playbooks was transformational and I was deeply impressed by the culture he’s fostered and cultivated - an absolute business rock star. Jon LaDuca, CEO Playbook Builder

Chad is someone that I deeply admire. His commitment to making a difference in people’s lives coupled with his passion and discipline is incredibly motivating to be around. He’s someone I trust implicitly and can always turn to for guidance and support. Brett Kaufman, CEO Gravity

I get a front row seat to observe many leaders work with their teams. Chad has built such a solid, engaged and highly functional Leadership Team. As they implemented EOS, I watched Chad make deliberate choices that allowed him to elevate solely into his role as a true visionary. This transition freed him to start new companies and expand his services. I often refer clients to work with Chad because he adds such value and I know he'll take good care of them. - Alex Fretag, Entrepreneur and EOS Implementer


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